Our bio-resin is uniquely made from 100% natural components and mixes easily with fibres from sustainable waste streams. Combining the bio-resin with natural fibres, we create a product stronger than conventional plastic, but more importantly, it is fully degradable in nature and leaves no micro-plastic since it is not made from plastic, but plants and natural materials.  


Pond Original Bio-Resin is a direct replacement for conventional crude oil-based plastic. The bio-resin has a wide range of use possibilities since it is easy to use in your current production set up, and the end product is often stronger than conventional plastic.

Pond Original Bio-Resin is made from 100% sustainable, natural materials and is fully degradable in nature.

The bio-resin has a unique ability to bind to many types of natural fibres such as hemp, palm leaves, jute, and wheat hulls (chaff), cotton, and banana, which results in an all-natural product stronger than conventional plastic.


  • 100% bio-based and fully degradable in nature

  • Exceptional ability to bind with many types of natural fibres

  • Superior colouring results when mixed with natural minerals and plants

  • Easy to use in your current production set up

  • Suitable for injection moulding - contact us regarding other production methods


Pond Bio-Granulate consists of Pond Original Bio-Resin pre-mixed with select natural fibres such as oat hulls (chaff) from sustainable waste streams. The bio-granulate can be used to create products that are twice as strong as conventional plastic.

Our exclusive focus is to use natural, organic and sustainable fibres from waste streams. 

Key features

  • Pond Original Bio-Resin pre-mixed with natural fibres from sustainable waste streams

  • High melt-flow index even at 170°

  • Suitable for injections moulding

  • Superior strength characteristics

  • End-product in the natural colour of the fibre chosen

  • Made from sustainable waste streams which creates a full circle of the cradle-to-cradle principle


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