Our range of fossil free additives.

We supply our proprietary additives in masterbatches. Our additives are fully biobased, fossil free and enhances the mechanical properties of poly lactic acid (PLA).


Pond 12 has many supply solutions. We supply raw materials and masterbatches or if you prefer ready-to-use pellets, we supply that as well.


We work with a wide range of producers using biomaterials. Chances are that we can help you as well!


Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you find a supply solution that fit your needs.

Highlighted masterbatch solutions

  • Masterbatches for amorphous and crystalline products

  • Masterbatches that form covalent bonds between PLA and natural fibers

  • Masterbatches for colored products

  • Masterbatches that reduce britleness and increases flexibility of PLA

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