Circular value from waste.

Pond BioCycle is our revolutionary material that supports the circular economy by upcycling sidestreams from your production.

If you have a fiber-filled sidestream, we can use it to create a unique biomaterial that has exceptional properties and a stunning natural look. Even better, you become an active supporter of the circular economy while drastically lowering your carbon footprint.

If you don't have a fiber-filled sidestream in your production, don't worry. We use our expertise to source natural fibers that are locally available in your country.

Highlighted properties

  • Thermoplastic suitable for injection molding
    (MFI 16-25) and extrusion (MFI 6-9)

  • Forms covalent bonds to natural fibers to create exceptionally strong fiber-reinforced products

  • Easy to process on conventional production lines

  • Low processing temperature reduces energy usage

  • Wide range of natural fibers available such as wood flour, grass, apple powder or oat hulls.

Pond 12 Biomaterial Natural Fiber Composite PLA Sample Bricks
Pond 12 Biocomposite PLA

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