We offer a 100% bio-based, bio-degradable, and sustainable alternative to conventional plastic. Our mission is to help companies change their conventional plastic production to a sustainable bio-based alternative by producing products made from sustainable waste streams.


In 1950, 1.7 million tonnes of plastic was produced. Around 65 years later, that number had grown to 311 million tonnes and is believed to increase four-fold to 1.2 billion tonnes in 2050. Every year, the global production, consumption, and combustion of plastic emits approximately 400 million tonnes of CO2.

As the plastic litter in our oceans, our landfills, our rivers, our forests, and even the air we breathe clearly show, we are on an unsustainable path and are misusing the scarce resources our planet has given us. 

Pond Twelve is dedicated to changing how we produce and think about plastic by replacing it completely with our bio-based alternative made from sustainable waste streams.

So why do we care? We care because, as Robert Swan so eloquently puts it: 


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief someone else will save it. "


Clearly, we are all facing the same problem, and we need to collaborate to create real change that will help build the sustainable future needed for our children to live safely and prosperously in harmony with the planet. 

We have a big job to do, and Pond 12 cannot do it alone. We can supply the bio-based resin needed to change the world, but we need conventional plastic producers and purveyors and purchasers of plastic products to get on board.


Therefore, we invite any company that has an interest in producing or purchasing products based on a sustainable bio-based alternative to conventional plastic to contact us.

Our bio-based resin can bind to almost any natural fibre, and the product can replace most conventional plastic products. 

By working with Pond 12, your company is making an active choice for a better future and thereby becoming a partner in our mission to lay the foundation for a better and sustainable future.


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8382 Hinnerup

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