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fossil free


What we do.

Creating fossil free biomaterials.

We strive to become the benchmark for sustainability in biomaterials by eliminating the disastrous use of fossil-based plastic.


By combining sugarcane with fossil free additives, we create a unique biomaterial that replaces conventional plastics, is easy to use, and is circular by design.

We enable producers and brands to create value from waste by upcycling sidestreams from their production. By working with our customers to  to upcycle resources, we support the shift to a circular economy by eliminating waste throughout the value cycle and utilizing existing resources to the fullest.


Pond 12  supplies sustainable raw materials and masterbatches in diverse segments such as furniture, mobile accessories, multi-use tableware, and 3D printing.


We co-create with our customers by assisting them throughout the value chain; from production to end-of-life scenarios making us the easy choice for professionally implementing  a biobased production.

How we do it.

Meet our materials.


Creating circular value from waste.
Our fiber-filled pellets are made using locally sourced fibers and has an even lower carbon footprint than Pond BioSource.


Versatility without worry.
Pond BioSource reaplaces  most conventional plastics. The material has exceptional properties and mixes easily with color masterbatches.



Flexible supply solutions.

We supply raw materials, color masterbatches and our proprietary additives in Pond Masterbatches. 

We need the equivalent  of 3 planets to sustain  our current lifestyle by  2050.

- UN (2019)

Why we do it.

We are living beyond our means and must take action now.

We depleting our planet's resources and throwing away our children's future. To ensure the next generations to come have a habitable planet that has the natural wonders, diverse ecosystems and stable climate that other generations have enjoyed, we must take action now by changing the way we produce and consume.

"Pond 12 is named after the twelfth sustainable development goal:
 Responsible Consumption and Production"

Our vision is to help the world break free from its addiction to fossil fuels. To set the world on a sustainable path, first we need to change the material we use to produce the goods we all enjoy in our daily life. Second, we need to change the way we view the goods we consume. We need to do more with less, which means we need to use fewer resources, design products that are long-lasting and circular by design, and ultimately we need to ensure sustainable end-of-life options. 

Pond 12 is committed to producing fossil-free bio-plastic and to being held responsible for our material throughout its value cycle.

The clock is ticking.

Nature doesn't care about money or politics.
The climate is changing, so why aren't we?


Partnerships for the goals.

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